Stories of Impact

Changing Her Family Story

“June” is a soon-to-be single mom Love INC was recently blessed to serve. After learning she was pregnant, June made the big decision to establish a stable life for herself and her future child. She was a victim of abusive relationships in the past and recently moved back home to the Cedar Valley where she has more supportive, healthy relationships. She is in the process of creating habits that will benefit both her and her child’s physical and emotional well-being. She is connecting with local resources, maintaining sobriety, and seeing a counselor regularly. June shared that she knew her old lifestyle was not an environment she wanted her baby to be part of so she is working hard to maintain a healthy way of life.

While managing financial barriers amidst her new commitments, June reached out to Love INC for additional support. She requested assistance with items that could help her re-establish in a new home, including cleaning supplies so she could make her home a cleaner, more comfortable environment for her baby. In addition to providing for June’s material needs, a Love INC volunteer connected her to our Begin Now program. June now has the opportunity to develop new, supportive relationships, learn new tools for creating a stable life, and take steps toward achieving her goals.