Stories of Impact

Welcoming a New Baby

“Carly” was in labor at the hospital when Love INC called to see if we could help with her needs. The Love INC intake volunteer was amazed that she took our call while in active labor, but suggested she call us back once the baby arrived. When the baby was delivered, Carly eagerly called us back for assistance with her newborn needs. Carly shared that she was so grateful for a healthy baby! She knew how important it was to be proactive and set about securing all the necessary supplies for him. She and her four year old had just moved into a new, safer, apartment complex only a week before delivering her newborn son. They hardly had any time to settle before the baby joined the family. The move was exciting and necessary, but brought extra expenses with the new rent and deposit payments. Carly knew that buying diapers and wipes would put a financial strain on her family and was thankful to call Love INC for help. First United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls was able to pack a box for Carly’s newborn with diapers, wipes, baby soap, receiving blankets, bottles, socks, and more. A Love INC volunteer delivered these essentials to her home so she did not need to take her newborn out in the cold winter weather. Carly is a wonderful single mother who is planning and striving to give her children the best life she can provide and Love INC is happy to encourage her! She’s so thankful that purchasing diapers is not something she will have to worry about this week. Love INC will be able to continue to provide these essential baby supplies every other month until her baby turns two! We look forward to building a relationship with Carly and her boys in the future.