Uniting Churches to Help Neighbors in Need

The local church is God’s answer to community brokenness and a part of his plan of redemption and restoration. That’s why we mobilize local churches to offer a holistic approach to caring for people in all areas of life: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Give Love 2023

Our Mission & Vision
We mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ because we envision a world where Christian churches are united in purpose and fully engaged in actively living out their faith by lovingly serving people in need in their communities.

Better Together

We help churches help people by developing a network of local churches and connecting them with opportunities to serve their neighbors in need. Sometimes that can look like helping with food, personal needs items, furniture, transportation, or a work project. Other times, it looks like offering educational classes, providing mentorship support, and hosting community events. But it’s always about each church leaning into its strengths and working together with others—because we are better together.

Join Us

In every community, people possess gifts and talents that can be used for ministry, but they often don’t know how to connect with neighbors in need who are seeking those exact skills at that exact time. Love INC helps churches mobilize their members to reach out to their neighbors in need, by creating specific, manageable opportunities that utilize the unique skills and talents of their congregation to fill unmet needs in the community.


Driving Forward

If you ever had an opportunity to gain freedom and independence, then you know the feelings of joy and excitement that process often brings. For Carol Miller, what began as a request for assistance turned into a testimony of God’s faithfulness.


Celebrating Begin Now!

Begin Now has filled up to capacity (actually, a little past capacity) this session! There is such positive energy in the room as new and returning participants, and new and returning volunteers build a healthy community in Christ!

Make A Difference Monthly

Each month we highlight goods that serve our neighbors in need. The month of March we will be collecting brooms, mops, plastic buckets, and sponges. Items can be brought to participating churches or to the Love INC office M-F 9AM-3PM.

Give Love

Give Love cards were sent the entire month of February as a way to spread love for more than just one day (Valentine’s Day). We decided that celebrating the ones we love shouldn’t be limited to one day a month or one month a year! Our hope at Love INC is to share the gift of love year-round.