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Missional Classes


Missional Classes is our brand new learning environment where followers of Christ can broaden and deepen their understanding of better serving and understanding our community. Love INC is uniquely positioned to build bridges among diverse groups of people and numerous churches in the Cedar Valley. We are energized daily to bring together individuals of various ages, genders, races, and socio-economic statuses to discuss important topics.

Each semester, we are offering one of the following classes at our office:

Redemptive Compassion
All Christians are called to invest in others relationally and work alongside those in need to give them a hand up instead of a hand out. In this class we discuss how we can offer holistic help to those we serve - using a biblical philosophy.

Be the Bridge
There are no easy answers or quick fixes to correcting our racial biases and addressing our embedded systems. However, we trust that as we start small, and in proximity to one another, God will produce greater understanding and make room for broader change. This class is designed for a diverse group of people to spend time listening, learning, lamenting, confessing, repenting, and walking humbly through important conversations about race.

Poverty Education
We are called to reach out and serve the poor in our community. However, our attempts can be discouraging if we don't understand the people we are serving. By learning the "hidden rules" of our economic classes we can set appropriate expectations, engage with more thoughtfulness, and, ultimately, serve with greater effectiveness. This class gives churches and individuals space to contemplate social classes and tools to engage in service more effectively.


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