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Love INC Impact Stories

Unexpected Blessings

Posted by Holly Hartley on

A woman with a teenage daughter reached out to Love INC for help with food and personal items.  Love INC scheduled her an appointment with a partner church’s Food and Essentials Gap Ministry.  The need was met and after a follow-up call Love INC did not hear from the client again. 

Months later, the same client walked into the church that housed the pantry with a $100 donation directed towards the pantry.  She shared that Love INC and the church helped her when she didn’t know where else to go and now that she was back in a stable place she wanted to pass the generosity along. 

She also shared that when the church did a follow-up call they spoke with her daughter.  Unbeknownst to Love INC and the church at the time, the daughter was suicidal.  The mother shared that follow-up call led to her daughter seeking help and is the reason her daughter is still with her today.