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Love INC Impact Stories

The Domino Effect

Posted by Erin Tink on

Often times a medical procedure can create a domino effect in someone's life. For someone who is already struggling to make ends meet, an unexpected health issue can lead to losing a job, which can create financial strain, which can cause relational stress and so on.

One of our Gap Ministries is designed to come alongside families who are navigating medical issues. Bethlehem Lutheran Church generously allows households to borrow necessary medical devices in their time of need. Some items are meant to be kept and others are meant to be returned so others can use them.
We recently connected with a gal who was preparing for her upcoming knee surgery. It was going to require time off of work and she was doing her best to locate affordable supplies to keep her and her household stable during her recovery. Our medical supply ministry blessed her with a much needed cane. Shortly after she received the cane another partner church helped her with a gas card to ensure that her household could get her to and from her surgery.

She was so grateful for the compassion and grace given to her by our local churches during a difficult and stressful time!