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Love INC Impact Stories

The Courage to Pray

Posted by Erin Tink on

This last week a couple attended an appointment at First United Methodist Church to receive baby essentials.

When our churches receive people for appointments we encourage them to go above and beyond - we want them to reach out, relate, and pray for people when they can. We know that the life circumstances of people who need tangible goods from our churches are often difficult and they usually need someone who is willing to listen, provide encouragement and pray.

Even though our church volunteers know that relating to someone is the best way to serve them, it still requires a bit of courage. It's not always easy for both parties to get beyond making a quick transaction of goods.

When the couple attended their appointment, the volunteer small talked for a bit and then courageously asked if she could pray with them. They agreed. She held their hands and prayed a prayer of encouragement. Much to her surprise they were just as blessed by the experience as she was. They were overwhelmed with gratitude and told her no one had ever prayed over them or shown so much care!

God uses Love INC to help all of us learn more about Him. For those who need tangible goods, He reminds them He is present with them in their time of need. For our volunteers who courageously get beyond the surface, He reveals His faithfulness and goodness.