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Love INC Impact Stories

Struggling to Pay for Diapers

Posted by Kelly Voss on

"Bryce" is a young father doing his best to get his life back on track after being released from prison. He had been associating with the wrong crowd and made some bad choices, but knew his time in prison was a "wake up call" and he would need to do better in the future. After being released, he spent a year homeless, wondering what he could do to get his life back. He eventually got engaged and became a father to a beautiful baby girl.

As his family grew, he knew something needed to change because he was still surrounded by people who were bad influences. Bryce wanted to provide a good life for his daughter and fiance and knew the first step was finding a new place to live. He took up an offer from a cousin to move to Waterloo and rent a house from him.

Bryce is so excited to have another chance to start his life and to be able to provide for his family. He has a job interview this week, but has been struggling to pay for diapers and baby essentials. Love INC was able to send him to our partner church, First United Methodist Church in Cedar Falls, to pick up a box with the supplies he needed. The volunteers there were happy to support Bryce and his family in their journey toward stability!

You can help Bryce and other families, by giving toward Baby Essentials.

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