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Love INC Impact Stories

Setting Healthy Boundaries

Posted by Kelly Voss on

A senior woman,"Clara", contacted our Clearinghouse when she decided to make some difficult decisions and big changes in her life. After realizing her family was taking advantage of her giving spirit for many years, Clara made the difficult choice to move to a new home. She loved her home and her family, but she was drowning in the debt they were creating for her.

Clara decided she needed to set some healthy boundaries by leaving her adult children to care for themselves and establishing a home for herself that she could afford. When she contacted Love INC, she had found an affordable home with roommates and was ready to step into a more sustainable future, but wasn't sure how she would move all of her furniture on her own.

Love INC deployed a team of eager church volunteers to do the heavy-lifting and move the furniture into her new home. The volunteers were also able to pray for Clara, her family, and her new roommates. She felt relief and peace and said she knew Jesus was going to take care of her. In turn, Clara prayed for our volunteers and they were greatly moved by her loving spirit and open heart!