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Love INC Impact Stories

Serving Others

Posted by Erin Tink on

Rose is a valuable volunteer at Love INC’s Begin Now ministry. She came to us a couple years ago after being invited by a friend. She faithfully attended, soaked up the instruction and is now using her life experiences and faith to help others.

For most of her life, Rose has suffered abuse, addiction and brokenness. Ten years ago, she landed in Waterloo after leaving her last in a string of abusive relationships. Additionally, she decided she was sick of her addiction to alcohol, joined a recovery group and has been sober for nine years!

At Begin Now, Rose found community and learned alongside others who had faced similar circumstances. Not long after she got involved, she also began attending Cedar Valley Church. She found community at Cedar Valley’s women’s group, and this has made a big difference in her life. When asked how this church was different from her past experiences she said, “I never had the friendship before.” This safe community is bringing a brand-new joy.
Rose is flourishing. She now serves as a volunteer in our Faith & Finances class, and she brings her love for budgeting and hard-earned financial strategies to others. She says, “Helping others gives me joy. I know God is looking down on me, and this is what I need to do to get out of my own head.” Rose is also helping others in her apartment complex. She says, “When someone calls and asks me to pray for them, it makes me feel good that I know how to do that.”

Love INC holds a special place in her heart. Through it, she found her church home, a safe community in women’s Bible study and a place to use her talent to serve others.