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Love INC Impact Stories

Pastor Justin Kane's Story

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Most people know the Begin Now ministry transforms its participants, but few understand the lasting impact it has on its volunteers. One local pastor found that out for himself.

Pastor Justin Kane serves at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Waterloo. In fall 2019, he started volunteering at Begin Now as a way to grow the relationship between his congregation and Love INC beyond their food pantry (Gap Ministry) and to connect directly with members of the community.

At Begin Now, Justin has witnessed many barriers torn down as diverse people interact and build relationships. He says, “I’ve gotten to know their cares and concerns, their stories and struggles; I’ve gotten to know them.” Justin’s experience at Begin Now has impacted the way he connects with his community as an individual AND as a pastor. “Pastors and churches want to help and serve those in need, but struggle with appropriate ways to genuinely help. Too often, our response has been immediate and need-focused rather than direct, long-term, transformative, people-focused assistance,” he says.

Since becoming involved with the Begin Now ministry at Love INC, Justin Kane now sees his congregation and neighbors in a different  light. It might just brighten yours, too.