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Love INC Impact Stories

Meeting Unique Needs

Posted by Erin Tink on

This month we had the opportunity to "go the extra mile" to help a woman in our community. She had been on our furniture waiting list for a couple of months and we called to check-in. We finally had a bed that might work for her and she was thrilled! We got the details we needed to make the delivery the following day.

Before we hung up the phone, she cautiously mentioned that she had a couch in storage that she had been unable to move. She said it's heavy, she didn't have a way to haul it and it was the only item in her storage unit, costing her $60 per month.

We felt this was a unique opportunity to offer individualized help to serve someone's specific need. We love it when we can serve in a way that allows someone to move toward a greater level of stability and relieving the monthly cost could go a long way.

She and a couple of her friends met our volunteers at her storage unit the following evening. She was so grateful to receive such caring, compassionate help from Love INC!