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Love INC Impact Stories

Meeting Needs with Prayer

Posted by Shannon Stewart on

Prayer is such a crucial component to our intake process in the Clearinghouse. At the end of each conversation, volunteers have a chance to pray with our clients over the phone.

This past year, we had the opportunity to work with a woman, Jill, whose husband underwent multiple back surgeries in Iowa City. Due to the surgeries, Jill had to work less in order to take care of her husband, who was not able to work at all. His health issues not only caused stress on the family’s financial situation but caused strain on Jill’s emotional well-being as well. She disclosed she was struggling not only to be the caretaker for her husband but was struggling to feel loved and appreciated as well.

After hearing more about her story, the volunteer set up appropriate appointments to meet the tangible needs of Jill's family. More importantly, though, she spoke truth into Jill’s life during a time she needed it the most. Praying with Jill allowed her to be seen, heard, and validated as a person who is loved and cared for by her Heavenly Father.

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